Premium Wrongful Death Attorney

Premium Wrongful Death Attorney

Premium Wrongful Death Attorney – One of the worst things that can happen after an unfortunate security incident is a wrongful death. This reaction often occurs in the security industry after a tragedy, as people look to place blame or find compensation. The more high profile an incident is, or the harder it is to explain the actions of a security guard, the more likely a wrongful death is.

You can easily find examples of major wrongful death cases, such as the lawsuits following Banko Brown’s death at a Walgreens. The details of these cases may vary, but they are also difficult for both family members and security workers involved in the incident. Here’s what your security company needs to know.

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Premium Wrongful Death Attorney

Premium Wrongful Death Attorney

A wrongful death lawsuit seeks damages after a death occurs. These cases allege that someone was responsible for causing the death. That could be someone behaving in a negligent manner, or someone’s actions directly causing a death. Both can apply to security guards. For example, a lawsuit can claim that a security guard failed to help someone seriously injured, which later led to their death. Or a lawsuit could claim that a guard’s actions directly caused someone’s death, such as shooting them with a firearm.

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If the lawsuit successfully shows that a security guard was responsible for a death in ways like this, the court will typically award plaintiffs a certain amount of money based on what happened. In other cases, the case may lead to a settlement to end the case early, which still includes payment but avoids a court decision.

Premium Wrongful Death Attorney

In the event of a death, the victim himself cannot pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. In this case, the family or estate hires a lawyer and files the suit. These types of lawsuits specify the damages done as part of the death. This may include expenses involved in emergency care or attempts to treat the victim. It can cite lost wages or pain and suffering as a result of grieving the death. Many cases also include the cost of funerals, burials and related bills. Suits can also mention emotional distress suffered by the victim and family members when seeking a certain amount.

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Wrongful death lawsuits can target specific security guards involved in a death. It is a risk to work in the security field, which security guards should always try to reduce with good behavior. However, these lawsuits also often target the security company itself.

Premium Wrongful Death Attorney

California Wrongful Death Lawyer

Security companies may not be directly responsible for the actions of a security guard and may not feel that a guard acted properly or represented the security company at the time of death. However, the company made the decision to hire the guard and chose them for their particular role. That links the company to the resulting death with at least some liability. How many companies are liable for depends on the details of the specific event, which arguments are made in court, and what the court ultimately decides. This can create painful, ongoing expenses for insurance companies, which is one reason they try to quickly find a settlement that is compatible with their insurance.

Note that lawsuits like this often target as many entities as possible to seek results. In the aforementioned Banko Brown case, the family sued the security guard, the security company and Walgreens. This is not an unusual approach.

Premium Wrongful Death Attorney

A civil court is not the same as a criminal court. In a criminal court, charges such as manslaughter can be brought by prosecutors who believe someone broke the law in their actions. If this is the case, then the evidence must be very clear to convict, and the definition of crimes can be very strict.

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Civil court works differently. In a wrongful death case, the goal is not to prove that a law was broken (although this can strengthen a case), but to prove that evidence shows that someone is at fault. That’s a lower bar compared to a criminal case, meaning fines may be more likely regardless of other charges.

Premium Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful death lawsuits are covered under general liability insurance for security companies*. This type of insurance covers court expenses and payments up to a certain amount, which can save a company from bankruptcy if it runs into a big lawsuit.

General liability insurance may not cover security guards personally (the details may vary slightly depending on the state and other circumstances). However, companies typically have the option to add insurance that will specifically cover lawsuits aimed at security guards, or security guards may choose to pay for their own liability insurance plan.

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Premium Wrongful Death Attorney

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For further questions about how liability insurance works and what an insurance package looks like for a security company, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Your company can reduce the risk of on-the-job fatalities by ensuring that guards are properly trained and equipped. If a wrongful death lawsuit occurs, good liability insurance should help the insurance company cover associated costs, although it’s always a good idea to consult with an experienced attorney about the best way to proceed*.

Premium Wrongful Death Attorney

* Coverage for claims is not guaranteed. Please refer to your specific policy language for details or talk to your agent.

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Get your quote today for insurance coverage for security guard, private investigator, alarm installer and many other industries If you or a loved one is injured in an accident that was not your fault, you may have questions or concerns. We can help! A Conroe personal injury attorney from Baumgartner Law Firm can answer your questions and give you insight into your next steps. Call us at (281) 587-1111 for a free consultation about your case.

Premium Wrongful Death Attorney

Baumgartner Law Firm has been helping people who have been hurt in Conroe and Montgomery County get full compensation after a serious accident for over thirty years. Our practice is limited to serious injury and wrongful death cases, including car wrecks and commercial vehicle accidents in the Conroe area. Contact our top-rated personal injury attorney in Conroe for a free consultation and learn how we can help you with your case.

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Premium Wrongful Death Attorney

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It is your right to seek appropriate compensation from those who have neglected your safety and caused you harm. However, this complicated process cannot be tackled on your own. Select a personal injury attorney in Conroe as soon as possible after your accident. To achieve your desired goal and receive compensation that is fair and reasonable, you need the assistance of a competent, experienced personal injury attorney.

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Protecting your best interests is what we do! You need a personal injury attorney who has a proven record of getting the maximum compensation after an accident. We have earned our reputation for excellence over three decades. Our accident lawyers will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. We fight for your best interests.

Premium Wrongful Death Attorney

Our top priority is providing caring representation and personal attention. We are a powerhouse of efficiency to get exceptional results for you. Some of the cases we accept include:

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Hospital stays can cost thousands of dollars annually, and injury victims are often shocked by the bills they receive. Medical care for patients who were victims of more serious injuries such as car accidents, workplace injuries and other serious complications often comes at an exorbitant price. The costs often rise into the tens of thousands, or an amount that no one has to pay to be able to live normally again. These medical costs are far from the additional physical, emotional and mental damage of these traumatizing situations. Not to mention lost wages and pain and suffering.

Premium Wrongful Death Attorney

When we take your case, we will work to get you the most money possible in your pocket. Often this involves us negotiating with your medical providers to reduce the bills.

The absence of work due to your injury prevents the possibility of collecting your wages or forces you to use wages for sick days. As a result, your income drops, a pressure on your usual way of life. In addition, your spouse (or your loved ones) may have to take time off from their job to care for you, further increasing the financial situation. Even worse, if the injury causes permanent disability, the victim will have to live without the appropriate funds they need for the rest of their lives.

Premium Wrongful Death Attorney

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The release of a patient from a medical facility often does not mean the end of their treatment. Patients must continue to compensate the hospital for post-care services such as physical therapy and long periods of rehabilitation to achieve a state of normality. If you don’t have health insurance, talk to us about help finding necessary medical care after an accident.

A significant injury can prevent you from enjoying even the simplest pleasures in life. A nice walk in your neighborhood on a summer day, being able to participate in one of your hobbies,

Premium Wrongful Death Attorney

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