Premium Luxury Brand Crisis Management Consultants

Premium Luxury Brand Crisis Management Consultants

Premium Luxury Brand Crisis Management Consultants – A brand crisis can damage your reputation, trust and loyalty among your customers and stakeholders. How can you respond effectively and authentically to mitigate the negative impact and restore your brand image? One way is to use your brand personality as a guide and a tool to connect with your audience and show your human side. In this article, you’ll learn what brand personality is, why it’s important, and how to use it to manage a brand crisis.

Brand personality is the set of human traits and characteristics that you associate with your brand. It reflects your brand values, vision and voice, and it helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors and connect with your target audience. For example, some brands may have personalities that are adventurous, playful or innovative, while others may be more reliable, professional or elegant. Your brand personality should be consistent across all your touchpoints, from your logo and website to your social media and customer service.

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Premium Luxury Brand Crisis Management Consultants

Premium Luxury Brand Crisis Management Consultants

Brand personality is important because it affects how your customers perceive, feel and relate to your brand. It also affects how they trust, recommend and stay loyal to your brand. A strong and positive brand personality can help you create an emotional bond with your customers, increase your brand equity and increase your competitive advantage. A weak or negative brand personality can damage your brand’s image, reputation and loyalty, especially in times of crisis.

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When a brand crisis occurs, whether it’s due to a product defect, customer complaint, PR scandal, or social media backlash, it’s essential to act quickly and strategically to resolve the issue and reassure your customers. Using your brand personality as a framework and resource for your crisis response is an effective way to do this. It’s important to be honest and transparent – admit your mistake, apologize sincerely and explain what you’re doing to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again. Additionally, be compassionate and empathetic – acknowledge the impact of the crisis on your customers and stakeholders, show that you value their needs and concerns, express gratitude for their support and loyalty, and offer assistance or compensation. Additionally, be consistent and authentic – align your crisis response with your brand identity and values. Don’t suddenly change your voice or style. Furthermore, be proactive and creative – take action to address the issue, use your brand personality as inspiration to create engaging content that addresses the crisis, and use different channels or formats to reach and inform your audience.

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Premium Luxury Brand Crisis Management Consultants

Using your brand personality to manage a brand crisis can help you turn a challenge into an opportunity to strengthen your brand image, reputation and loyalty. By demonstrating honesty, empathy, consistency and proactivity through your response to crisis situations, you can show customers that you are more than just a logo or product – but a trusted brand with a human side.

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Premium Luxury Brand Crisis Management Consultants

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Premium Luxury Brand Crisis Management Consultants

Are you sure about deleting your contribution? Are you sure to delete your answer?A Boardroom Simulation — Live! Corporate Strategy Beyond the Crisis Julian Sepp, Till Westring, Lass Feld-Rasmussen, Peter McLean, Charles Yin, Datin Nancy Sim and Kimunya Mugo

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Business today is a constant change that faces constant threats – even more so in the current pandemic where companies are looking to turn massive complexity into meaningful change through effective strategies. Still, there isn’t enough debate in the corporate world about what the strategy actually means; And the development and implementation of a corporate strategy is now seen as a board’s most important function – a key source of differentiation between companies.

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Premium Luxury Brand Crisis Management Consultants

Over the past decade, many corporate boards have sought a more significant role for directors in the strategy-making process. Furthermore, managers are facing increased calls from other stakeholders, including management and investors, to become more deeply involved in strategy formulation. Some argue that strategy is only the CEO’s role; And, conversely, there is a lot of confusion among boards about what they should and shouldn’t do when it comes to participating in strategy-making. As a result, many boards often see themselves as nothing less than the CEO’s rubber stamp, while others find themselves at odds with management when they take a more active role.

Often during such conversations, board directors discover that many of the difficulties in discussing strategy come from a lack of a common vocabulary. The reality is, some boards may lack the appropriate skills to deal with strategy in the modern environment; They may also lack the ability to master the various strategic approaches required today.

Premium Luxury Brand Crisis Management Consultants

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In this session, our diverse panel will examine and consider the ‘enhanced’ role of strategy managers in 6 key areas:

The session will begin with a virtual board simulation based on a board corporate strategy meeting. Panel speakers will be assigned specific roles, and will contribute to boardroom discussions on a specific strategy agenda. After the simulation, the panel will discuss what went right and what went wrong, touching on some best practices, as well as tips and guidance on increasing board value, where it can be an effective partner in steering the company’s future direction. .

Premium Luxury Brand Crisis Management Consultants

A former entrepreneur and business leader, Julian’s work now includes leadership coaching and executive education, with the goal of bringing new consciousness to human performance. Julian’s career spans 20 years of entrepreneurship, leadership and humanistic psychology training and practice.

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Julian began his career as an opera singer and performed at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden for 8 years. After deciding to give up professional singing, he founded Zafferano which became one of London’s most acclaimed food and event management brands. The company was acquired in 2018 and Julian exited the business.

Premium Luxury Brand Crisis Management Consultants

Julian now coaches chairmen, CEOs and executive teams and conducts leadership development training programs internationally. He is an adjunct professor in the Talent Development Masters Program at IE Business School in Madrid, a Forbes contributor and member of the Coaches Council, and a speaker at Vistage International, a peer mentoring and coaching organization for CEOs.

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Julian sits on advisory boards for various technology businesses and is a board trustee for three charities in the fields of education, international and social development.

Premium Luxury Brand Crisis Management Consultants

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Until joining Bain’s Munich office in 1990 and spent the last 25 years in Asia with postings in Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. He previously served as managing partner of Bain Southeast Asia, as well as leader of the firm’s Asia Pacific Advanced Manufacturing & Services and Energy & Natural Resources practices.

Teal has worked extensively with companies in Southeast Asia on portfolio strategy, growth, M&A and mergers, organization and performance improvement programs. He has also worked with multinational companies on growth strategies, M&A and mergers across all major Asian markets, particularly in industrial products and services.

Premium Luxury Brand Crisis Management Consultants

He has published articles on strategy, M&A and cost competitiveness in Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review and other publications.

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Till holds a Masters in Economics from the University of Bonn in Germany. Before receiving his MBA from the Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley, he worked as an analyst at Merck Productions.

Premium Luxury Brand Crisis Management Consultants

He is a non-executive board member of two publicly listed companies (Inchcap plc, UK and Keppel Corporation Singapore.) and two private companies (Advanced Micro Foundry, Singapore and Delaware International, Belgium).

Lasse specializes in navigating professionals through business conflicts and dealing with complex negotiations. He is an experienced board member, investor and advisor. His specialty is founder representation and boardroom alignment with mixed levels of expertise.

Premium Luxury Brand Crisis Management Consultants

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Lasse has ten years of experience training and advising professionals in complex negotiations and holds an MSc. from Copenhagen Business School. Early career focused on working capital management, but most of his career has focused on negotiation, conflict management, and coaching executives and business owners.

Peter McLean has been called a miracle worker by his clients. Principal Director and Co-Founder of Lamplighter Performance Consulting, he is an expert in human development and leadership, with a unique ability to blend and create innovative and powerful approaches from multiple disciplines. He has helped countless businesses, CEOs, executives and professionals grow and achieve their visions.

Premium Luxury Brand Crisis Management Consultants

His extensive international experience and work as a professional and as a consultant and executive coach covers the gamut of industries, providing his clients with dramatic insight and strategic breadth with a personal twist. His client work has delivered many millions of dollars of measurable value, and immeasurable value in dramatically changing leadership and lives in harmony.

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As a speaker, author, consultant and executive coach, Peter draws on his incredible breadth

Premium Luxury Brand Crisis Management Consultants

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