Attorneys That Handle Nursing Home Neglect

Attorneys That Handle Nursing Home Neglect

Attorneys That Handle Nursing Home Neglect – The definition of elder neglect is the failure to properly care for one’s loved ones. When a nursing home fails to provide the level of care that a patient needs by not providing the services or supervision necessary to maintain the patient’s health and comfort. Nursing home staff negligence is a serious problem that often results in minor or serious patient injury, illness, and even death.

Neglect of patients in Florida nursing homes is all too common. If you suspect that your loved one is being neglected by staff entrusted with the care of your loved one, it is your responsibility to act now and report your suspicions so that the appropriate level of care can be provided.

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Attorneys That Handle Nursing Home Neglect

Attorneys That Handle Nursing Home Neglect

Contact our Distasio Law Firm today, our aggressive and diligent elder abuse attorneys will do everything they can to help you and your family get through these difficult times and get justice for your wrongdoing.

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Some of the most common acts of negligence that our attorneys see in our Florida nursing homes and assisted living facilities include:

Attorneys That Handle Nursing Home Neglect

The most common cause we see leading to the neglect of nursing homes and assisted living residents in Florida is understaffing the facility combined with poorly trained support staff. The problem of staff shortage arises because of the company’s desire to make more profit. Nursing staff is the most expensive of these skilled nursing facilities, and without considering the higher level of patient or resident needs, saves the company money on their salary costs. Of course, it is fair for companies to make a profit, but not at the expense of the lives and safety of our loved ones, and unfortunately, many facilities are more focused on the dollar than the needs of the residents. When this type of greed prevails, the level of care provided falls far below what is acceptable and necessary, and the outcome for the resident is neglected because staff do not have the time to properly assist everyone they are assigned to.

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This also happens with staff training, as hours of training and specialist training costs the company money. The greed that controls the higher output is the same greed that leads to mistreatment or neglect of our loved ones. Either way, Scott Distasio, a highly regarded and experienced Florida nursing home attorney with 32 years of experience, can help you hold them accountable for negligence.

Attorneys That Handle Nursing Home Neglect

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Patients in these skilled nursing facilities who are living with dementia, bedridden, or nearing the end of their lives are much more susceptible to injury or death due to negligence. Dementia patients are more likely to be neglected because they do not always understand what is happening to them or around them, meaning they are often unable to care for themselves. It is also very difficult for these patients to express their concerns to their loved ones due to both fear and the fact that they have reduced cognitive functions.

Patients who are bedridden or nearing the end of life and cannot get up and move around on their own are also at very high risk of neglect. When staff are unable to devote the required amount of time to each patient, some patients are left without repositioning, moving or even changing soiled clothing. This lack of movement and position leads to bedsores, also called bedsores, and these very painful and potentially fatal sores can become infected, leading to even greater physical and medical complications.

Attorneys That Handle Nursing Home Neglect

This may come as a surprise, knowing that these facilities are designed to care for seniors who need it, and that most are simply not staffed enough to provide the care residents need to enjoy their remaining time with us. They are suffering the consequences of corporate greed and we, as their family, must act to prevent it from happening to others.

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When you suspect your elderly family member is being neglected, the first thing you need to do is make sure they are safe. Whether that means they are safe in the facility or safe if they are moved out of the facility and better conditions are found for them. After making sure they are safe and properly cared for, negligence should be reported to investigate. You can report the act or misconduct to the State Health Agency, the Adult Advocacy Service’s central hotline, and if the conduct is criminal, such as an act of intentional violence, to your local law enforcement agency.

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Attorneys That Handle Nursing Home Neglect

Then your next call should be a skilled and experienced Florida nursing home abuse attorney like Scott Distazio, who has been handling cases just like yours for over 32 years. Our legal team will do everything possible to help uncover negligence through a thorough investigation, medical records, expert witnesses, and do everything in our power to hold the facility accountable for its actions that harmed your family member.

Residential shelters are designed to provide safety and care for the most vulnerable. If they fail to provide such care and harm your loved ones, we are committed to holding them accountable and seeking damages on behalf of your elderly family member.

Attorneys That Handle Nursing Home Neglect

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Even though the outcome you seek may not be financial, the claim you file will show these corporations that you are serious and will not put up with their neglect of patients. Unfortunately, it is the lawsuit that will force the facility to make changes and provide better care. When a for-profit company is forced to return their money because they have caused harm, they begin to see the error of their ways.

Our dedicated attorneys at the Distasio Law Firm fight patient neglect in Florida’s nursing homes and assisted living facilities. If you or a loved one has been injured or otherwise harmed by the negligence of qualified medical personnel, call us today.

Attorneys That Handle Nursing Home Neglect

Our main office is located here in downtown Tampa, Florida in the Channelside neighborhood. The Wesley Chapel and Largo offices are by appointment only. No family makes the decision to place an elderly relative in a nursing home or other care facility lightly. Your loved ones’ health, safety and happiness are at stake during their golden years, so it’s important to find a place that can meet their needs.

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Unfortunately, many seniors are seriously injured and even die due to abuse and neglect in nursing homes. As a state with a large elderly population, Florida has a tragically high rate of negligence and misconduct in facilities entrusted with the care of the elderly.

Attorneys That Handle Nursing Home Neglect

If you or an elderly loved one has been the victim of abuse by a caregiver, call (407) 712-7300 today for a free consultation with Colling Gilbert Wright. Our Orlando nursing home abuse attorneys serve clients in Tampa, Miami and throughout Florida.

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Neglect is the failure of nursing home staff to provide adequate care for residents. Most negligence cases result from problems such as:

Attorneys That Handle Nursing Home Neglect

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Pressure ulcers are perhaps the most serious sign of nursing home neglect. Medically known as bedsores, bedsores occur when a bedridden person is left lying in the same place for too long. Pressure on the skin causes the formation of ulcers. Over time, bedsores can penetrate the skin and affect underlying tissues.

Our attorneys have seen tragic cases of abuse and neglect in nursing homes where bedsores become infected, endangering the health and lives of residents.

Attorneys That Handle Nursing Home Neglect

Lack of supervision by staff can affect the safety of not only residents, but also the property itself. This can increase the risk of hazards that we see in other types of premises liability claims, including faulty handrails, torn and uneven carpeting, poor lighting, unsafe stairs, faulty elevators, cracked pavement, and more.

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Like any other person, seniors need to meet more than their basic needs to have a good quality of life. Nursing home residents may suffer from medical problems or take medications that cause them to feel anxious or depressed. Others may leave because they don’t get along with other residents or because they miss family and independent living.

Attorneys That Handle Nursing Home Neglect

In any case, nursing home staff are required to monitor residents for self-isolation and other behavioral problems. They are obliged to listen to dissatisfied residents and take appropriate measures.

Emotional neglect does not only affect the mental state of the elderly. This can make it possible for abuse to go unchecked.

Attorneys That Handle Nursing Home Neglect

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One of the main responsibilities of nursing homes, social housing centers and other institutions is to care for elderly people with health problems. Unfortunately, inexperienced and untrained staff are often entrusted with these important responsibilities, resulting in serious deficiencies in care.

If not properly supervised, residents can also suffer from a wide range of undiagnosed medical problems. Undiagnosed infections, illnesses, injuries, and emergencies such as heart attacks or strokes can become life-threatening if staff are negligent.

Attorneys That Handle Nursing Home Neglect


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