Truist Business Travel Rewards Credit Card

Truist Business Travel Rewards Credit Card

Truist Business Travel Rewards Credit Card – I take a deep dive into a promising new points-earning business card from a new bank that, from the look, does not appear on personal credit card reports.

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Truist Business Travel Rewards Credit Card

Truist Business Travel Rewards Credit Card

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Truist Business Travel Rewards Credit Card

Thanks for tuning in for Episode 60 – Truist Business Travel Rewards Credit Card Review. I’m going to take a deep dive into a promising new points-earning business card from a new bank that doesn’t appear to be on personal credit reports.

Truist is a newly formed bank following a merger between BB&T and Suntrust banks. Truist is now coming on the scene, and even those who had or have cards with BB&T and Suntrust can apply for new business credit cards with Truist. Those with SunTrust and BB&T accounts that have not yet been transferred to Truist – either manually or automatically should be considered Truist customers. Personally, I’m really excited to hear about new credit cards, especially new business credit cards.

Truist Business Travel Rewards Credit Card

Truist Bank: Pre Approvals (pre Qualification Webpage)

The new Truist Business Travel Rewards credit card and other business credit cards with Truist do not appear to report on personal credit reports. New Truist options are great for veterans of the credit card game or those with few options for new business credit cards. Maybe you’re waiting to be back under Chase’s 5/24 rule or want to keep personal credit clearer to take advantage of 0% APR offers or position to take advantage of cards with banks with tighter underwriting, including US Bank and Barclays.

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Right now, taking up in December 2021, I’m waiting until April 2022 to apply for business cards with Barclays and US Bank because a denial letter about eight months ago said I opened too many accounts in the last 12 months. After these applications, I have to wait another eight months to get more credit cards with Chase. I am out of business credit card options with other banks, including Wells Fargo, Citi, American Express. Therefore, it makes sense to wait for Barclays, Chase and US Bank, and I can weave another business credit card with Truist instead of waiting and not getting new cards.

Truist Business Travel Rewards Credit Card

I also don’t want to get more personal credit cards at the moment, because decent business credit card options remain, and I can return to Chase in late 2022. I also don’t see super-appealing personal credit cards I haven’t had yet except for Venture X, which I probably not approved due to my thick credit file, including 28 active cards and several cancelled. US Bank and Barclays have good personal cards I haven’t yet, but the business offers are also good. The Truist Business Cash Rewards card can then be an excellent addition to my portfolio on the same day after my applications with US Bank and Barclays.

Personal Savings Account

Truist Business Travel Rewards will not necessarily be your first business card. It won’t be my first option, but this card may be better as a late option or even an early option if you’ve been turned down by other banks and have a relationship with Truist, including a business checking account. I reviewed the Truist Business Cash Rewards credit card in my previous episode. Most people, I imagine, would favor the card rewards card over the travel rewards card. I found the card rewards card to be more powerful than the travel rewards card, which is rare in this miles and points game. However, both cards are strongly worth considering especially if you have a business checking account with Truist.

Truist Business Travel Rewards Credit Card

Months ago I opened a business checking account with Truist to win a few hundred dollars as a welcome bonus. I probably have a better chance of getting a business card approved with Truist now because I have a banking relationship with them and because they recognize my business. Without a relationship, approval chances may be slimmer, so it can be a great idea to start with a business checking account, including a bonus when that moment comes.

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Let’s get into details about the Truist Business Travel Rewards card. You get 20,000 bonus miles for spending $2,000 within 90 days of opening the account. Unfortunately, this is a really low welcome bonus compared to other business credit cards, including Chase, American Express, Barclays, US Bank, and other issuers. However, as I mentioned, one would most likely get this card because they are low on other options, so 20,000 points is better than zero or continuing to use existing cards only getting 2% back on unbonus spend.

Truist Business Travel Rewards Credit Card

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Diving into conditions, the classic fine print, miles can be redeemed for statement credits, but this comes with some exclusions: miles redemptions for statement credits cannot be used to get a negative balance or a credit balance. Miles redemptions cannot be used to meet minimum payments. Miles cannot be used to pay credit card fees. These exclusions aren’t a big deal in my eyes, but it’s something to be aware of. Points also have a long life – they expire at the end of the month five years after they are issued – strong! One must call Truist or visit a designated rewards website to redeem miles. I can’t imagine that many people want to call, so an online redemption is an excellent option. Hopefully this designated rewards website will be easy to use and will link to the same site you use to make credit card payments.

I really like this flexibility of points rather than being restricted to a travel portal or transfer partner. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a situation to increase or increase the value of the points as they only offset qualifying travel expenses. But of course I won’t suggest that you only have one credit card. The Truist points can be great, especially for smaller charges, assuming they work, like award fees and checked bags if you don’t have free checked bags.

Truist Business Travel Rewards Credit Card

I would not recommend using Truist points for Hilton or Hyatt stays, especially if you have a card like American Express or World of Hyatt that gives a high multiplier for these costs. Truist points can also be put to good use for off-brand hotel stays or rental car costs. The terms and conditions, and I’ve read through them a few times, don’t specify how many points will be worth, so I’m assuming 20,000 points will be worth at least $200, and hopefully I’m not wrong about that!

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Truist Cd Rates March 2024

Personally, I really enjoy the flexibility of using points with my US Bank Altitude Reserve credit card. The ease of using rewards is great: type the word redemption after making a travel purchase and get 1.5 cents per point value. Truist points, unfortunately, have an extra step of going to a website to redeem points, but to be fair, this is common when you consider most credit cards. I could definitely see parallels between points redeemed with Altitude Reserve’s real-time mobile rewards feature. As much as I love the flexibility of Altitude Reserve points for certain purchases, I will also love the flexibility of Truist points.

Truist Business Travel Rewards Credit Card

But when Truist points are only worth one cent per point when used for travel, using the card for non-bonus spending in addition to the spending required for the welcome bonus is a terrible return. Airfare, hotel, and car rental expenses only give 2x points or miles, so I can’t see using this card for those types of expenses when cards like Altitude Reserve, Chase Sapphire Reserve, or even American Express Blue Business Plus are better options. 2x has more appeal if points are worth more than one cent per point, but again, that’s not clear.

Unfortunately, the Truist Business Travel Rewards Credit Card lacks a 0% APR intro offer – many business credit cards offer 0% intro APR including other Truist Business Credit Cards, so I’m not sure why this card lacks a 0% APR offer. I prefer business credit cards like US Bank Triple Cash, which offer a $500 welcome offer and 0% intro APR. A 20,000 point welcome bonus is so weak that I first prefer the 0% intro APR Truist Business Cash Rewards card with no cash welcome bonus.

Truist Business Travel Rewards Credit Card

Things To Know About Truist Credit Cards

The Truist Business Travel Rewards credit card has no annual fee for the first year, but then an odd $49 annual fee is charged in the final year. I’m not sure why Truist charges an annual fee considering the card offers little to no value in years two and beyond and many other business credit cards with annual fees offer ongoing value. The second year annual fee is another reason why I prefer to get the Truist Cash Rewards business card over the Truist Travel Rewards card.


Truist Business Travel Rewards Credit Card

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