Best Place In Cameron Highland

Best Place In Cameron Highland

Best Place In Cameron Highland – Last time I was in Malaysia (2016) I didn’t have time to visit Cameron Highlands, so when I go back to Malaysia in 2019, Cameron Highlands will be on top of the list.

I spent 2 days in the icy highlands of the peninsula, from walking the rolling hills of a tea plantation to walking in a hidden moss forest (no, not the main thing), here’s the adventure. In the Cameron Highlands.

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Best Place In Cameron Highland

Best Place In Cameron Highland

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Guide To The Best Hiking In The Cameron Highlands

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On your first day in the Cameron Highlands, I recommend going on a tour to visit all the sights outside of Tanah Rata. I went with Eco Cameron and they were great. I went for a half day tour (8:30am – 12:00pm) to Boh Chai Plantation and Moss Forest which cost me MYR 50.

With the Eco Cameron app you can learn how tea is made, why it plays such a big part in the economy of the Cameron Highlands and where the products go after they are recycled. It is interesting to know that the grandson of the founder of Boh Tea Plantation still manages the place in Singapore.

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Malaysia’s Beautiful Cameron Highlands Are A Hive Of Tourist Activity Once Again, But The Traffic Is Still Terrible

Starting in the early hours, the tour will drop you off at the Boh Tea Plantation before anyone else (we got to sit to ourselves for a while) and let you walk around before the guide explains the whole process.

Remember that the tea plantation factory is closed on Mondays, so don’t go on that day if you want to go inside and drink their delicious tea.

Clouds often move in the afternoon and evening in the Cameron Highlands, so I recommend visiting the tea plantation in the morning if you want to see it in its full glory.

Best Place In Cameron Highland

Another popular place in the Cameron Highlands is the Moss Forest, but from March 2019 you have to pay an entrance fee, and our Eco Cameron guide said you don’t have to pay MYR 30 for a 300m boardwalk. trail He suggested going to Eco Cameron’s private trail through another mossy forest to climb up instead for a better view.

Cameron Highlands Itinerary (3 Days 2 Nights) With Budget

This turned out to be the best decision as I believe mossy forests are not unique to this region, they are found in the Cameron Highlands. Eco Cameron’s personal trail allowed us to experience the Mossy Forest up close.

The walk was even more enjoyable when we walked on a really smooth trail instead of the usual Moss forest planks. I couldn’t recommend Eco Cameron more highly.

The view is also well exposed and worth the 15 minute climb. The road will be slippery, but walk carefully as it is an impenetrable forest.

The guide will stop and explain all the features of the mossy forest as you climb. The whole journey takes about 30 minutes.

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

After exploring the mossy forest, you will be dropped off at Tanah Rata where you can spend the afternoon and evening eating the various foods they have here. Cameron Highlands is also known for its homemade pastries, so if you’re hungry after a hike, head over to Lord’s Cafe and try their pastries.

On the second day we will explore the Cameron Highlands on foot. There are several hiking trails in the Cameron Highlands (14 trails to be exact), but the best I’ve found are trail #10 to Gunung Jasar and #6 from Gunung Jasar to Cameron Valley Tea Plantation.

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The climb to Gunung Jasar takes about 1 hour and you can fully see the Cameron Highland Heritage Hotel and the surrounding landscape.

Best Place In Cameron Highland

Trail #6 starts from the top and heads south to the Cameron Valley Tea Plantation where you can see the tea plantation away from the crowds. You can combine trail #10 and #6 for a half day hike from Thana Rata to Gunung Jasar and Cameron Valley. It should take 3.5 hours in total.

Things To Do In Cameron Highlands For Your Next Chilly Getaway

Personally, the combination of trail #10 and #6 is my favorite ride in the Cameron Highlands as it combines everything I want to see in the Cameron Highlands, beautiful view walks, up close tea plantations and best of all, away from the crowds. On hikes #10 and #6 I met 4 other hikers.

After your hike to the Cameron Valley Tea Plantation, sit back and enjoy their tea house, sipping a cup of their best tea with your favorite pastries. You deserve it!

On the way back to Tanah Rata from Cameron Valley, you either have to hitchhike (like me, stopping at the teahouse car park), which shouldn’t take long as there are plenty of cars heading towards Tanah Rata, or you can flag down. take a taxi from the road.

Last but not least, if you are there on a Friday or Saturday, go to the Golden Hills night market in Tanah Rata. It is open in the evening until late at night. You can find many local products such as strawberries, tea blends and other souvenirs for sale here.

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In the highlands of Malaysia, it rains a lot throughout the year, so it is unavoidable, but if you are looking for the best time, weekdays from February to April are the best time to visit. The temperature is ideal 21 – 24°C and there are not many roads and places of interest.

It is best to avoid peak season (May-September) as the Cameron Highlands can be very busy, especially during public holidays, school holidays and weekends. At this time, the roads are narrow and there are many traffic jams.

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First of all, you need to go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and for that I recommend you to check out cheap flights from your country through Skyscanner or Expedia.

Best Place In Cameron Highland

From Kuala Lumpur you can take a direct bus from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan to Cameron Highlands (Tana Rata) for MYR 35 and takes about 4 hours each way. Book your bus ticket online at 12Go Asia.

Tea Time In The Cameron Highlands

You can take a half/full day tour (very cheap) that will take you to all the Cameron Highlands you want to see or rent a scooter to explore on your own. Some of the sights are quite far away, so it is recommended to have a car.

Please note that the road is narrow and traffic there can be very noisy, especially during the holiday season, so please drive carefully if you rent your own scooter.

That said, if you want to do some walking, most good hiking trails start within walking distance of Tanah Rata (your base for exploring the Cameron Highlands), so you won’t need a car to begin your hike.

And to go back you are asked to hitchhike back (many cars go to Tanah Rata) or take a taxi back to Tanah Rata.

Cameron Highlands: 20 Must Do Things For First Timers

Are you looking for a tour company for day trips in the Cameron Highlands? I had a great experience with Eco Cameron with a half day tour for MYR 50. They drove me to the Boh tea plantation and took me up a hill in their jeep through a private Mossic forest. If you want to see more of the Cameron Highlands, you can check out a number of tours at the link below:

This place is very cheap compared to other countries of the world. If you plan to travel here, you will pay approximately 25 – 45 USD per person per day, including accommodation and 3 meals.

Please note that this is a suggested daily budget based on my travel style, which leans more towards the budget side. If you want to stick to this budget, sleep in a hostel, eat a few meals, and use the cheapest and most convenient form of transportation, which often involves walking.

Best Place In Cameron Highland

As you know I am a light traveler and cater such trips

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